Yoga and Meditation Offerings

Class Passes

5 Class Pass: $40.00 (8.00 per class)

*5 class passes can be applied to any class style*

Single Class Pass: $10.00

*Class passes are non-refundable

*Class passes are non-transferable

Please note: Your payment confirms your registration. Please contact Jennifer to ensure space is available to avoid disappointment. 

Meditation Evenings

Starting Sunday, August 25th, 2019 

Time: 7-8pm

The perfect way to close a busy week by slowing down the breath and body. Meditation is a centuries old practise that anybody can do, and a great way to reconnect with yourself in a supportive and nurturing environment.

“Manage stress, anxiety, sleep better, create peace and learn to live joyfully by adding a meditation practise to your life”

Each evening will feature a different  Lifestyle Meditation Signature Series Class guided by Jennifer:

LM BREATHE: Specific breath techniques lead with intention to calm, invigorate or energize. “Prana” or life force will be explored through various yogic practices.

LM SLEEP: We get to lie down for this meditation! Begin with deep breathing and relax as you are guided safely through awareness of different areas of the body. This  style of meditation is proven to be restorative for the mind so the body may ease into restful sleep.

LM MANTRA: Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “mind” + “tool” , a way to focus the chaos of the thought in the mind. Mantras are sounds that can be used to guide us into a more calming space free from tension in the body.

LM JOURNEY:  The Journey is a guided visualizations that is safe + effective  for anyone wanting peace, + stillness of mind and body.

LM MOVE: Conscious movements that are natural and gentle, creating space to breathe and release muscle restriction, paired with music will prepare us for sitting comfortably in mediation!

LM CHAKRA: Literally translated  as “wheel of light”, we’ll explore the 7 main chakras to move stagnant energy, resulting in greater overall energy and vitality. 


Meditations are appropriate for everyone including experienced and new practitioners. You don’t have to do yoga to practise meditation! 

Time will be given after each meditation to share, or journal your experience if desired. 

Yin + Restore Yoga


Time:  7:15-8:30pm

A low key and meditative practise appropriate for yogis of all levels. The first half of the class is spent primarily on the mat or using the wall to access all the major muscle groups. Poses are held for up to 5 minutes, in alignment that is specific to each yogi’s body. Rest in between each posture transition is encouraged to allow energy flow, and tissues to relax. The second half of the class will be restoration for the mind, body, and spirit. Props will be used to support the body, allowing for rejuvenation + re-connection with your whole self. 

A perfect style for those yogis seeking a deep stretch combined with relaxation.

Space is limited to 6 amazing yogis!

*Please contact Jennifer to ensure space is available*

    Yang Yin Yoga


    Time:  7:15-8:30pm

    Yang Yin yoga is the practise of active and passive postures. The first half of the class is spent moving energy and building heat and strength through Sun Salutations, Hatha postures, + breathework. The second half of the class will be spent on the mat in cooling, passive stretches. 

    Yang Yin is a balanced class of movement + stillness, heat + cool, masculine + feminine energies that will leave you feeling, connected, whole, and peaceful. 

    This class style is appropiate for practitioners of all levels.


    Space is limited to 6 amazing yogis!

    *Please contact Jennifer to ensure space is available*


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