Yoga and Meditation Offerings

Class Passes

5 Class Pass: $40.00 (8.00 per class)

Single Class Pass: $10.00

*NEW* Unlimited monthly pass: $112.00…Pay as you go, a month at a time!

*Class passes are non-refundable

*Class passes are non-transferable

* Unlimited monthly pass will be activated on your first visit, and must be used within 30 days of activation*

Please note: Your payment confirms your registration. Please contact Jennifer to ensure space is available to avoid disappointment. 

Prenatal Yoga

Date: Mondays, starting April 15th

Time:  7:00-8:15pm

Aspen is pleased to be offering yoga classes for women in all stages of pregnancy. Nourish your body and mind during a time of constant change with the practise of yoga. You will be guided through safe and gentle postures, breathwork, meditation, and more in each class. Pregnancy safe essential oils may be used.

Space is limited to 6 beautiful women, ensuring each yogi gets the support they need!

Cultivate support, strength, community and comfort in a space of like-minded women.  At Aspen we believe that women should be supported throughout their journey of pregnancy, so classes will be offered on an ongoing basis. 


A regular yoga practise thoughout your pregnancy can:

Improve posture + balance

Increase strength + flexibility of muscles used in childbirth

Help alleviate stress + worry

Prepare you for labour +delivery

Ease post-natal recovery

Help improve sleep


** This class style is accessible to all levels of yogis from beginner to advanced. A PAR Med Q form for Pregnancy ( Physical Activity Readiness) must be filled out by your health care professional prior to start of any class. Forms will be emailed to you by Jennifer. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays, starting April 23rd

Time:  7:00-8:15pm

Hatha yoga is a slower paced class in which postures are held for several breaths You will develop strength, flexibility, and balance in this 75 minute class.  Hatha yoga has almost 200 postures and variations of each, making this style of yoga accessible to everyone. The emphasis on this class is “gentle”…practising with compassion and kindness towards yourself while slowly building strength. This class is perfect for yogis of all levels, and a great place for beginners to explore physical and spiritual well-being through yoga and meditation. Essential oils may be used to support and enhance your practise.

Space is limited to 6 amazing yogis!



    Yin + Essential Oils

     Thursdays, starting April 25th 

    Time 7-815pm

    Yin style classes are slow paced postures that take place primarily on the mat, or using the wall for support. Deep stretches are held for a range of 45 seconds to up to 5 minutes for advanced practitioners. Yin yoga targets deep connective tissue between major muscle groups, providing healthy stress on the joint, and enhancing energy flow.  Universal alignment is not taught in yin yoga, so each person will look very different on the mat. This class is a wonderful addition for anyone looking to balance a hectic, fast paced life, athletes such as weight lifters or runners, or yogis who practise yang style classes on a regular basis. Essential oils will be applied if desired to enhance and support your practise.

    Space is limited to 6 yogis who wish a calm and quiet environment, emphasizing a practise with intention and self-reflection.


    Slow Flow Vinyasa

    Saturdays, starting April 27th

    Time: 915-1030am

    Vinyasa yoga is a flowier style of yoga in which movement is coordinated with breath. Your heart rate may rise a little in this faster moving class, so expect to work up a sweat. Slow Flow Vinyasa is appropriate for all levels of yogis from beginner to advanced, as time will be given for each person to explore their own movement, breath, and body in a slightly slower than traditional pace. 

    Space is limited to 6 incredible yogis who wish to start their morning off with an invigorating and energizing practise!



    Restore & Meditate Yoga

    Sundays, starting April April 28th


    Time:  7:00-8:15pm

    A calm practise to end the week, and prepare for a night’s rest so that you begin your week with a smile! Your body is fully supported by props such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps to allow your muscles to fully relax. Vital energy is restored in this gentle class appropriate for yogis of all levels from beginners to advanced.  Restoring the body and mind are essential for balancing yin and yang energy through breathework and consciously directing energy downward.

     Various styles of meditations will round out the last few minutes of each class. Essential oils may be used to support meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). 

     Space is limited to 6 yogis wishing to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit through peaceful poses.



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